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Springtime in Paris – what´s not to love?

Experience these nine favourite things to do in Paris in springtime.

Paris in the spring, is there anything more romantic? I am not sure, how about you? Of course, when in Paris with the one you love, you cannot spend the time staring into each others eyes all the time, that you can do at home, so – here is nine of the best things to do in Paris in spring – discover why Paris makes a great springtime break with its pastel blossoms, street markets, festivals and chocolate-fuelled Easter celebrations.

Springtime is the lovely time of year when everything is coming back to life, including your self. This is the time when Paris bursts with new life in its gardens, street markets and café terraces. Add a sprinkle of pretty pastel blossoms, lush green parks, a dash of romance, chocolate-fuelled Easter celebrations and special cultural events and you’ve got a season packed with Parisian pleasures.

But what are the essential experiences you shouldn’t miss if you’re visiting Paris in springtime? Have a look at One the Luce travel blog and be inspired to experience these nine favourite things to do in Paris in spring.


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