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Magical northern lights and beautiful midnight sun

Magical northern lights and beautiful midnight sun, high mountain peaks, chalk white beaches and crystal clear sea.

Magical northern lights and beautiful midnight sun, high mountain peaks, chalk white beaches and crystal clear sea. Now you can rent my little paradise on the coast of Helgeland


TRUDE HELÉN HOLE is an award-winning artist, journalist, lecturer and Norway’s funniest author and sommelier according to those who know such things… and not at least a farm owner. Now you can rent her little paradise at the beautiful coast of Norway – the Helgeland!

Watch this video to see what you can expect of joy and happiness at the northern part of Norway.

Helgeland – the The fairy tale of Nordland

Are you looking for an unforgettable and adventurous holiday? Then Grandma´s House on the Helgeland coast in Norway is probably something for you, whether you are 5, 25 or 50 years old or more. You will experience ocean breeze and weather-beaten docks. Mountains that soar above the deep blue sea. Salty flavours and pure natural ingredients. The light that makes the colours sharp and bright. You’ll feel the northern spirit on the inside, too, so it is quite romantic as well, so what are you waiting for?

You can rent Grandma´s House all year round. This little paradise offers equally good experiences whether you spend your summer with it´s beautiful midnight sun or winter holiday to explore the magical norther lights, or perhaps Easter or autumn holiday in beautiful Meløy. And please do have in mind that it is not as you probably think “up north” – the chalk-white beaches are open 24/7, and you can swim in the ocean all year round, if you dare. Or surf. So why not let yourself be surprised by this part of Norway´s wonderful landscape and many possibilities?

Perhaps your adventure starts here, on one of the world’s most epic roads – the Norwegian Scenic Route Helgelandskysten. Or maybe you want to follow the original coastal route – the highway of the seas – and go island hopping, with or without a bike? It’s easy to find a ferry in Norway: Find routes, check departure times, and get traffic reports, all in one place, on the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen) website. Some terminals also have webcams that show if there are any queues.

Grandma´s House is a former farm that is unabashed and sunny on a large, open plot of land that stretches from Reipå’s great pearl – the Reipå River – and up towards the majestic mountains. In the idyllic main house you will find three lovely bedrooms as well as a lovely kitchen and a spacious living room with a fireplace. If it rains, you lighten the fireplace and read a good book, and if you have children, they can play in the barn among many old treasures and create their own little fairyland if the sun has taken a break.

In the barn loft you will find two glamping-style beds, and in the barn’s lower floor you can enjoy the cozy festival hall. You might enjoy a glass of wine or an ice-cold beer, and perhaps a delicious cigar beyond the light hours of the midnight sun on the terrace – or be fascinated by the magical autumn light that colors the surrounding mountains in a romantic autumn splendor before the Northern Lights later the same day seduces you with its merry green dance across the night sky as darkness falls.

Even in its winter splendor, the northern part of Norway is an experience in itself – February and March are prime time for Lofoten fishing, and on clear days we can see straight across the ocean into the Lofoten Wall.

During the summer, small festivals will be organized at Grandma’s House; there will be art, literature, music, wine/beer and food festivals and there will be courses with or without accommodation focusing on the aforementioned, as well as yoga, fishing and boat trips and mountain hikes. In the barn there will be a workshop and furniture carpentry, as well as a Saturday café, gallery and book sale – and second-hand trade. By next winter, the plan is to have the first Nordlys igloo ready for rental.

The best location ever

The adventurous Helgeland lies like an elongated paradise in the southern part of Nordland. You will find mountains almost 2,000 meters high. The coastline is one of the world’s most beautiful island kingdoms with a unique coastal culture protected by the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

You will discover wilderness and glaciers, a fantastic archipelago with deep fjords surrounded by fairytale mountains. If this is not enough, on this coastline you will also find some of Norway’s most exciting eateries that offer short-traveled food and local ingredients, all prepared with care and love for the profession.

When the food is served at eateries full of history, charm and soul – in beautiful and breathtaking surroundings – it really gives you a good, tasty and unforgettable experience.

Explore and se wonderful videos from Helgeland right here.

In other words – the coast of Helgeland offers you a wonderful experience if you are interested in nature, culture, history, and good food experiences. Reipå, which is the northernmost village in Meløy, lies only 1.5 hours south of the city Bodø and can be easily reached from the north and south via the coastal road E17, as well as boat, bus and Salten seaplane, which are recommended if you really want to enjoy a wonderful experience.

Grandma´s House at Reipå is a lot easier to access than the Lofoten islands, which can be viewed from the mainland on clear days. You will find facilities and services such as a grocery store, building materials, car supplies, a hairdresser and a pleasant environmental café with a second-hand shop, and if you drive five minutes to Ørnes center you will find facilities such as a liquor store and you might want to by shrimp directly from the boat.

The village consists of beautiful, elongated meadows, world-class chalk-white beaches and high, majestic mountains that invite you to wonderful summit hikes and not least the idyllic Reipå River, which meanders through the valley and offers several nice swimming spots and fishing opportunities for salmon and trout.

Activities and experiences

The grandma’s house is where you live idyllically, surrounded by untouched nature and rich wildlife. Moose, fox, and hares are always a pleasant and cheerful sight, and perhaps you will see a reindeer grazing just outside. It is conceivable that the owl will keep you company when you are sitting on the terrace, and perhaps you will also see the eagle, while the snipe makes itself known with its subtle sounds.

If you like fishing, the sea is close by, but you can also seek your luck fishing in the Reipå streams, which consists of Svartvatnet, Markvatnet and Reipå River near Grandma´s House. Both salmon and sea trout are fished here. At Markvatnet you will find a nice barbecue area and there are also opportunities to rent a boat.

Several farms and an active riding environment leave their mark on this small and idyllic village, as so does the beautiful nature. This idyllic village offers great opportunities for activities both in the mountains and at sea, and by fishing lakes that are both high and low in the terrain. If you want sightseeing and sports activities, or a trip to a festival, you are just a few clicks away. If you are interested in exciting geology, Lahko National Park is probably something for you, and in Corbel’s canyon you can see traces of the caves below the ground. The reindeer use the area as pasture and in the many limestone lakes both fish and birds thrive.

Or how about a fast-paced RIB trip to look for whales? Perhaps a quiet kayak trip between the thousand islands in the beautiful archipelago is more tempting, or would you like to try a magical peak trip in the beautiful Meløyalps – or how about a hike on the glacier of Svartisen? If you prefer to visit galleries and good food experiences, you will find that too. Your choice – your pleasures.

Here is an overview of great websites that show you what you can experience on the Helgeland coast and in Meløy.

Visit HelgelandVisit Norway – HelgelandMyrvoll KulturgårdSelsøyvik

aurora borealis

If you want to rent this northern paradise, then contact;


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