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Absolutely magical in Bergen

The beautiful city by the sea between the seven mountains is both nice and cosy, not to mention a fun, pleasant and exciting city!

It’s no secret that I love Bergen. And that is not because I’m born and raised in Bergen, but because the beautiful city by the sea between the seven mountains is simply fantastically nice and cosy, not to mention fun, pleasant and exciting! You will be surrounded by actually laughter, temperament and a “sound in the trumpet” as the locals use to put it – you see, the inhabitants or bergenserne is the Nordic answer to the Latin mood.

And now – there´s a New Kid in Town. Yep, it’s downright impossible to be bored in Bergen, there’s too much to do even when it’s raining. And not only that, the city of Bergen which by far got Norway’s best location to offer next to a solid and interesting history- also got some of Norway’s coolest hotels to brag about, which the people of Bergen are pretty good at.

And now, there is a New Kid in Town, namely the Magic Hotels!

Magic Hotels is a part of Magic Norway and consists of four new design hotels in Bergen with a total of 403 rooms, designed by Karim Rashid. In addition, they have Magic Apartments – brand new unique and modern apartments based on self-catering with a high standard and views of Bryggen in Bergen.

The ambition is to create a complete offer for visitors in Bergen, which includes culture, food, nightlife and shopping. By offering guests more than just a bed to sleep in, their goal is to give the customer an experience beyond the ordinary.

On their website you might read the following; – We look forward to welcome every guest and will strive to give you the little extra and to create a good and magical visitor experience – and at the same time be a natural hub for adventures in the centre of Bergen. And I think with what I have seen so far on my last trip to Bergen, that this is entirely possible to achieve for Magic hotels, so it will be quite exciting to follow the future development, cause something tells me that The New Kid in Town is right here to stay.

Design by Karim Rashid

So, I asked the New Kid in Town – why a design hotel?The interior of Magic Hotels was designed by the world-renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid, as a so-called signature brand hotel. His philosophy was in line with our ideas that design could also be adapted to a hotel where one wanted to offer guests affordable prices, but still focus on design as part of the guest experience.

We can mention that in addition to the unique custom design for our rooms and lobby, we have chosen to use some of the furniture and lamps that are in Rashid’s production line. Examples are the Poly Chair from Bolando and the Halo lamp from Artemide. These products have helped shape our graphic profile in carpets, tiles and wallpaper.

Rashid is known for its distinctive expression and future-oriented design – which is both organic and minimalist, and has an impressive portfolio that includes more than 3,000 ready-made designs worldwide. The projects range from furniture and design products to interiors, facades and luxury goods. Rashid has also received over 300 design awards worldwide and is represented at several of the world’s most famous museums.

So, if your next adventure is to the beautiful city Bergen in Norway, I am sure that a magical experience awaits you. Have wonderful stay!

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