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Croatia, KRKA – a “must go” place on earth

Krka National Park is definitely a “must go” place. The national park is a vast and primarily unaltered area of exceptional natural value, including one or more preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems. The purpose of the park is primarily to serve science, culture, education and recreation, while tourism activities have also been introduced for its visitors. Read more about it here.

Including the submerged part of the river at the mouth, the Krka River is 72.5 km long, making it the 22nd longest river in Croatia. It springs in the foothills of the Dinara mountain range, 2.5 km northeast of Knin. With its seven waterfalls and a total drop in altitude of 242 m, the Krka is a natural and karst phenomenon. The travertine waterfalls of the Krka River are the fundamental phenomenon of this river.

Here you go for recreation, amusement and joy!

To walk around in the wonderful, delicious and cooling “water park” is really good for both body and mind. Bring something to eat and go for a picnic in the park, stay for hours and be sure to bring swimming equipment! You can also buy refreshments there;-)

Of course, water is to play in, not only to swim or dive in – and we found a small waterfall to play in, so we had a good laughter and som splashing here and there, and afterwards my bikini pants were twice as big, but who cares? Not me! 😉

KRKA is something you definitely has to experience if you go to Croatia. It is simply wonderful and more!

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Trude Helén Hole, New Spirit Communication

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