If you have not been to Dubrovnik yet – then go! It is simply a wonderful and happy place to be. In 1979, the city of Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites for a very good reason, for in this wonderful and magnificent medieval city you will find a unique mix of culture, history, tradition, gastronomy and good wines, some really wonderful people and service that is hard to find, except on our favorite island Korcula, two hours by ferry from Dubrovnik which you can read about here.

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Young people playing in the streets. Makes your heart happy:-)


The best way to write on your novel – by the ocean, in sunset, and a nice glass of wine…. We stayed this time at Dubrovnic Palace which is a conference hotel, and very nice, but therefore not that romantic. The out door facilities was very good, but make sure that you get a room actually with a sea view as promised and paid for, because from the lower floors you see nothing whatsoever. A big disappointment that the hotel should have handled better.

Basseng to


On our third trip with three kids, we stayed at Royal Princess Hotel which was absolutely fabulous. The picture below shows the standard. I will write more about this trip later:-)


The sunsets in Croatia, sometimes with dolfins playing in the ocean – is magic!


Hell yeah! The catamaran from Dubrovnic to Korcula is built in Norway, and takes two hours:-) I strongly recommend some days in Dubrovnic and some days in Korcula, that you can read about here. The picture belove is not far from our secret spot on our favourite island Korcula – can´t tell you where, then I will have to… you:-)

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