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Bring back common sense, democracy and human rights – and protect your kids!

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Bring back common sense, democracy and human rights – and protect your kids! My name is Trude, I am unvaccinated. I made a choice of what to inject or not, in my own body. Because I used my human right and freedom to choose in a democracy, they branded me. They called me selfish and dangerous, and labelled me a “Grandma KiIIer.”

They stripped away my rights to work, travel, access hospitals, and even shop for groceries, all because I stood firm in my right to chose what to inject or not, in my own body!

I wrote a lot of articles trying to warn people, like in a desperate WAKE UP CALL. I wrote that the entire covid scheme was extremely suspicious and that the measures could not be defended scientifically. Already in March 2020 I warned strongly against it all. Read my articles here.

But sadly, common sense is clearly something that evolution has eradicated over time.

People were unable to think for themselves and stupedly went in groups. They caged themselves obediently in their own homes while our elderly died scared and lonely in isolation. Parents isolated their children and prevented them from going out to play, and even forced them to were dangerous masks that prevented the kids to breathe in fresh air.

Parent were supposed to FIGHT for their childrens lifes, but instead they destroyed and stole two years of children’s and young people’s lives. It is unforgivable.

It is frightening to see how easy the elite can take control over a so-called “enlightened” population. This clearly show us that the population is not enlightened at all, but dangerously stupid. All the people wearing mask like robots, even alone in their cars is clearly stating my point. I warned against the use of masks which I never used myself, even though people gave me “killer stares”, and I warned heavily against the lethal injections.

People wanted me dead because I warned against the lethal injections – today several of them are dead, and others seriously ill – young healthy people are dying everywhere, even in their sleep, and children have had their health destroyed and their quality of life reduced for the rest of their lives.

“Sudden death”, heart and lung diseases, strokes and cancer are increasing at record speed, while fertility and birth rates are falling dramatically. The common denominator is “vaccinated”.

Censorship is the death of any democracy

I, like several other people tried to fight the madness; the inhumane measures that could not be scientifically justified in any way. We were screaming out loud to protect our kids and YOUR kids! In other words – we did YOUR JOB! And we were hunted down, harassed and censored and banned from life.

Today, most people know that we – the unvaccinated – were right. But no one has ever apologized for the witch-hunt they subjected to the people who tried to warn and inform the facts. And thats okay, we can handle that – but it is not okay to do it all over again!

Quite early we reached a point where scientist and people that spoke against the narrative was censored everywhere in SOME, and that should make you aware of who is controlling the SOME.

There were FB users who actually advocating for my death, and I got suspended from Facebook, not the them. I was eventually proven right, healthy people are dying from the “vaccines”, and now trials are being rolled out against the authorities and vaccine manufacturers in what is called premeditated genocide. But rather than admitting their wrongs, these perpetrators just brazenly moved onto the next topic: climate!

And the story repeats itself – people stupidly believe the authorities/WHO/WEF without question or doing research on their own, and gladly eat bugs. It is tragic!

Well, I must admit – do not feel petty for the grown ups that so easily let themselves be injected and got sick. But I feel sorry for all the kids and youngsters that are still suffering for their stupid parents choices and lack of integrity, especially on the left-wing and among all the woke followers who are doing their best to wreak havoc and destroy the western world and ancient family values.

The WEF/WHO will not give up until every remnant of humanity is destroyed, and the elite rule everything. If you did not fight for your children’s rights during covid, you should start fighting for your children’s life and future now!

You can read my articles about the covid-scam right here.

Don’t be obedient, tear down surveillance cameras and support the farmers who put food on our table.

You should be critical to EVERYONE that is connected to WEF/WHO! We can not let the authorities, the vaccine manufacturers, the government and the media, the FHI/WHO/WEF, and all the sheep on two legs get away with what they have done and are trying to do! Don´t be silent – remind them of their shameful deeds against our kids and youngsters. Bring back common sense, democracy and human rights – and protect your kids!

I you don´t react now – you will wake up one morning in a 15-minute city owning nothing and eating bugs.

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