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Do you need a trusted housesitter? Well, then call me! I am a Norwegian author with my own publishing house and media agency, as well as a sommelier, artist and speaker from Norway. I am also an adventurous globetrotter and travel journalist who has traveled to many amazing places around the world.

You can read more about my authorship here, and in this link you will find information about my media agency with references.

Trude Helen Hole, forfatter, kunstner, sommelier, modell og fotograf.

I love animals – and architecture, literature, art & wine

I like to think of myself as a Child of Mother Earth. That is, I probably love animals and nature more than I love people. And I also love history, art and culture together with architecture, literature, art & wine. In 1992 I lived in LA, and in 1994-95 I ran a horse ranch in Australia and worked on a cattle farm. Nowadays, I am partly a farmer with responsibility for oxen and sheep, and a sheep dog up north in Norway, and I have a lovely cat who has turned 16. But he is still young in body and heart – so I am used to animals.

I am also a hobby carpenter and quite handy with tools, and I love refurbishing especially old houses and gardening, so I can help with that too.

My dream is to buy a vineyard or an inn in warmer regions

The winter might be cold in Norway, and the idea of a small place where I can live in peace and quiet is becoming more and more alluring. Running a small accommodation where I can offer writing, art and wine courses and general coaching is a dream I’ve had for a long time.

For several years I have been involved in wine imports and have traveled around Europe, South Africa and Australia and visited wine producers, which gave me great pleasure. I was especially inspired to find something myself when I made the TV series På Druen, a wine journey through Europe, which you can find on my YOUTUBE channel. So, maybe I can get to know some nice places while working with you?

Do you need a house sitter who you can trust?

Right now I am refurbishing my grandmother’s old farm on the Helgeland coast in the northern part of Norway. This will be a fantastic resort and summer house which you can also rent, read more about it here. But this winter and the coming winters I want to leave Norway and follow my old dream of spending the winter in warmer regions. Perhaps at your place? 🙂

If you need a house sitter who you can trust that takes care of your house and animals while you are away, just get in touch with me at truhole@hotmail.no. Thank you.


Mvh. Trude Helén Hole

Live your life through joy, generosity and love – then the world becomes a better place to be for all of us. 

Shortly about me/this blog – I am an artist, an author, a journalist, a sommelier, and traveller that have experienced a lot of beautiful places all over our amazing world. With that, I have been writing articles for several magazines. You can read about my travels here and my books and art right here, and here is my company.

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