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The political system and all career politicians must be replaced

The career politicians are puppets that lack both education and professional and life skills, and destroys any democracy.

Today I came across a post written by Vern Hughes, Director, Civil Society Australia; Convenor, The Sensible Centre. It is about the political system in Australia that has to change, and I needed to applaud and to repeat it here on my blog, cause this bad situation is exactly the same as in the Norwegian political system.

The political system and all our politicians must be replaced, and I have written a lot about it here on my blog – the career politicians serve neither the country nor the people, they serve WEF, WHO, Bill Gates, Klaus Swab and Globalization where the goal is a wold run by the elite, with the rest of us live in prison homes (15 minutes cities) eating bugs.

An increasing number of people, especially business owners who create value for society – are now moving from Norway due to the politicians’ mismanagement.

The career politicians lack both education and professional and life skills, and destroys any democracy. Professional politicians only flour their own cake, and have no understanding of society, business and industries, value creation and not least, they are unable to understand what it is like to be normal working people in a society they are constantly destroying to please the mentioned above, like the farms in Netherland.

The globalists’ puppets, that is, our politicians must be fired, and a new political system must be introduced. Here is the post written by Vern Hughes. Read it and feel free to share, thank you.

By Vern Hughes; Australia’s descent into Third World standards of public governance is now on display for all to see. It can’t go on. The composition of our parliaments is all wrong. They exclude people with track records of accomplishment in the real world, and are full of career politicians, backroom operators and yes-men. These are precisely the wrong kind of people to exercise leadership and good governance. Their political and moral antenna are attuned to all the wrong signals.

Everyone knows this. And everyone is waiting for someone else to do something about it. But here’s a little secret. No-one is going to do anything about it apart from us. All of us. As a Team. This is our plan for turning this around, beginning in Victoria.

The Team of 88

1. It’s time to change politics. Only people with a can-do reputation and a track record of service to their communities should sit in our Parliaments. But over the years, we’ve ended up with exactly the opposite kind of people – career politicians, backroom operators and yes-men.

2. There are 88 seats in the Victorian Legislative Assembly. We need 88 leading Victorians with track records of accomplishment in the real world, in communities, businesses, schools and hospitals, as thinkers, leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, to put up their hand to stand for Parliament in the next election in 2026.

One individual cannot do this on their own. But a team of 88 outstanding people, working as a team, can do it. We call for Expressions of Interest in joining The Team of 88.

3. Candidates in The Team of 88 will abide by our statement What We Believe. This is a broad and inclusive statement that can unify 80% of Victorians in changing our politics and creating a different kind of government in the state. See

4. The two dozen minor parties should abandon their pretence to being a viable alternative and coalesce behind these mainstream candidates in their 88 electorates.

5. Prospective candidates in The Team of 88 should have deep and extensive connections in their electorates with a broad range of people; extensive real world life experience outside politics; an ability to think strategically about political change and institutional reform; and excellent people skills.

6. These candidates will be ‘conservative, independent-minded, locally accountable representatives’ in accordance with our statement What We Believe. They may stand either as Independents, or as candidates of The Conservative Party, as they prefer. Either way, their purpose is to win their seats by mobilising a broad spectrum of the mainstream community.

7. The goal of The Team of 88 is to form a responsible government in Victoria in 2026. Its elected members will negotiate with other parties and independents to form a government that can restore good governance, public trust, and financial propriety.

The process begins now.

Vern Hughes, Director, Civil Society Australia; Convenor, The Sensible Centre.


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