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Ian McEwan criticises hiring of ‘sensitivity readers’ looking for offensive material in manuscripts

Booker-winning novelist Ian McEwan describes the process of screening out things that might offend readers as ‘mass hysterias’ and ‘moral panics’ that ‘sweep through populations every now and then” – and I as and author myself and a reader of tons of books totally agree with him!

Ian McEwan has expressed his opposition to sensitivity readers, accusing young people of wanting “to bind their arms and legs in ways that are just trivial”.

Speaking to the international news agency AFP in Paris, the Booker-winning novelist expressed disdain at the practice of hiring someone to read a manuscript before its publication in order to point out things that might be offensive to readers.

Write your own books and stay the hell out of our books!

At this point McEwan is spot on! In my opinion, we’ve got to write what we want and feel in our own words – if not, then this will be the end of books written by authors, and literature as we know it will be replaced with a tepid soup cooked on nails, with bland and uninteresting taste made by a hodgepodge of useless cooks who have not an iota of authorship in them.

My advise to the tiny little group of people getting offended by every second word they read, is this; – you are welcome to write your own books with your own tasteless words – but stay the hell out of our books!

Ian McEwan advise authors, writers and others feeling scared to write things that might be offensive to some stupid people “to be brave” and “screw the lot of them”. And I totally agree with McEwans – we must not let this madness stop us from writing exactly what we want with the words that we want to use!

Editing and censorship of previously written books are a criminal act

Following posthumous changes made to the works of Roald Dahl, Astrid Lindgren and Ian Fleming earlier this year, debates about whether such edits are an act of censorship have become increasingly prominent, with a number of authors proclaiming their position on the issue.

In my opinion, this Woke-madness is a danger to our society and freedom of expression, and not least the freedom of art, and must be stopped. Editing and censorship of previously written books and art are, in my eyes, a criminal act.

A book, text, pictures and art are protected by the copyright law and must not be tampered with. Violations of this should be severely punished, and this also applies to the publishers who clearly have no backbone and now take part in this madness and with that sacrifice their own integrity and all use of common sense. Employing people to destroy previous books and copyrighted works is a criminal act. Period. Read the whole interview with Ian McGregod in The Guardian.


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