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The massive amount of government overreach and tyranny must be faced

Parents did not fight for their children. It's shameful - parents are supposed to protect their children! Instead, they locked them up and injected them with a deadly cocktail.

I never succumbed to this madness, on the contrary – I screamed out loud against it. But this nightmare shows clearly how many stupid followers and crazy people actually exist out there. The worst part is that parents did not fight for their children at all! It’s shameful – parents are supposed to protect their children! Instead, they locked their kids up and injected them with a deadly cocktail. I have no words at all for this!

I am a journalist, as well – seeing how my profession was (and is) used as a means of evil, both was and is painful. All you journalists which uncritically was (and is) a life-threatening tool for the authorities and the WEF/WHO – get another job and hame on you to!

Here is my articles during covid-nightmare in which 95% of you participated in.

The massive amount of government overreach and tyranny “in the name of a virus” during 2020-21 (as confirmed by former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Peter Costello) must still be faced by our society. Medical Freedoms were lost, Freedom of Movement was lost, Freedom of Speech was lost. We will repeat the mistakes of the past, the same crimes will occur, until we are ready to fight for our freedoms. It is not our job as citizens to support corrupt, tyrannical governments, it is our job as honorable citizens to disobey.

And the nightmare continues – the same backers in WHO and WEF, with our governments and our stupid politicians and MSM as tools – will have you believe in doomsday, in climate hysteria, and push the bizarre woke hell down on our heads, where sex with children is legal and men are more feminine than women – and you risk prison for stating the obvious; there are only two genders.

Creating discord and hatred in the population is a means that is cynically used to achieve a goal – depopulation, power and control.

And they have come a long way; they own the politicians, the media, the medical and pharmaceutical industry, they own energy systems, banking and SOME like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube etc who decide what you should know and not, thank goodness for Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk and his acquisition of Twitter.

They will chip us like cattle and monitor us 24/7. They lock us up in 15 minute cities, steal our land, and houses and homes. Private assets will become a thing of the past.

They’ll have you eating bugs while they themselves fly private jets, eat steak and toast in champagne because it appeared to be quite easy to control us, steal our lives and our freedom.

But the revolution has started. Look at Canada, the Netherlands and France. The people rise up against tyranny. And what do you do?

Obey – or disobey?


Mvh. Trude Helén Hole

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