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The joy of communication

If you need help reaching media, with image building, designing press releases, writing an article or a book, or just a reasonable text or a comprehensive image for your webpage or ads, or simply a model - please feel free to contact me.

THE JOY OF COMMUNICATION. New Spirit – your total provider of communication! My name is Trude Helén Hole and I am the owner of this blog and New Spirit Communication and Feather Books Publishing.

I am an author, a journalist, a sommelier and lecturer, coach and model – and an award winning artist. As an author my main business is writing books, also on demand – but as a journalist I write all kinds of articles, especially about wine, travels and adventures, politics and society, management and health. My articles are published both in magazines and in books, and on my popular blog. I´m also a wellknown provider of inspirational lectures and wine courses, and work both in front of and behind the camera as a photographer and model. You will find my art right here.

What is New Spirit Communication? As an author, PR counselor and journalist, I know how to angle and convey the story to get attention, and which channels to use to lead the message to your target audience. By combining strategy, PR advice and constructive communication, my products and services are assured, as well as customer investments. Due to my unique interdisciplinary expertise, I quickly notice weaknesses and for the same reason I have the opportunity to provide flexible communication solutions for all kind of business – both in English and Norwegian.

Building a brand is an endless journey through the ever-changing market. When building your brand, you are dependent on good brand management to keep your course steady and to make your brand strong and recognisable. In this process I will be your trusted wing-man, and with an objective and honest eye I will ensure that we navigate in the right direction with the right tools.

If you need help reaching media, with image building, designing press releases, writing an article or a book, or just a reasonable text or a comprehensive image for your webpage or ads, or simply a model – please feel free to contact me.

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Mvh. Trude Helén Hole

Live your life through joy, generosity and love – then the world becomes a better place to be for all of us. 

Shortly about me/this blog – I am an artist, an author, a journalist, a sommelier, and traveller that have experienced a lot of beautiful places all over our amazing world. With that, I have been writing articles for several magazines. You can read about my travels here and my books and art right here.

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