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Mamikon and Ashot Mikayelyan

Twins Mamikon and Ashot Mikayelyan have spent their lives together. They have degrees in painting and sculpture. They are both jewellery makers and find inspiration in their own lives… They are simply Brothers in life and art – how cool is that?

Brothers Mamikon and Ashot Mikayelyan are painters, sculptors and jewellery makers from Gyumri, the second biggest city of Armenia and a great artistic hub, known as the birthplace of many artists. They are also twins – jevos in Armenian – and have adopted the word as their brand name. JEVO jewellery is made of silver, brass and copper, and incorporates different natural stones. The twins describe themselves as independent artists with no specific style. As they say, “Inspiration is never a problem, we get inspired by our own lives”.

And I have to ask, how many sisters and brothers are there out there, do you think, who have the same passion growing up and manage to follow that passion into adulthood and even turn this into a wonderful profession, and on top of that manage to start a company together and find inspiration in each other. Quite a few, I would think. You can read the inspiring article about Mamikon and Ashot Mikayelyanhere right here at Homo Faber. Have a great day, all of you. And ps, you will find my own art right here.


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