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Hotel Havnekontoret – one of the most venerable buildings in Bergen

In the middle of Bryggen in Bergen you will find one of the city’s most venerable buildings. The name is Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret, and this hotel is a perfect choice for those who travel and stay a lot in hotels. The hotel’s goal is that guests who choose to stay here will have a slightly better everyday life and a very special experience – and they do. I promise!

It’s no secret that I love Bergen. And that is not because I’m born and raised in Bergen, but because the beautiful city by the sea between the seven mountains is simply fantastically nice and cosy, not to mention fun, pleasant and exciting! There is actually “laughter, temperament and sound in the trumpet” all the time, as the locals use to put it – as the inhabitants or bergenserne is The Nordic answer to the Latin mood.

Yep, it’s downright impossible to be bored in Bergen, there’s too much to do even when it’s raining. And not only that, the city of Bergen, which by far got Norway’s coolest history and best location to offer – also got Norway’s coolest hotel to brag about, which the people of Bergen are pretty good at.

The name of the hotel is Havnekontoret that means “harbor office”, which was the building’s function for a number of years. The wonderful stone building was built in 1919 for shipowner Thorvald Halvorsen, who was an agent for Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskab. The solid building that was designed by Carl and Eystein Michalsen and has impulses from Renaissance manors, was the only house left in the street after the big explosion at Vågen in 1944.

As mentioned, Bergen got a great location surrounded by the mountains and the ocean, it got great history and culture, a lot of activities to offer, friendly inhabitants, and a lot of galleries to visit if you are into art like me, like all the galleries that lies like pearls on a string between Havnekontoret and Fløibanen. This is precisely why you should make the trip to Bergen, and once you are there you should stay at the historic Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret, which is a very unique hotel in many respects.

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The hotel, which is located in wonderful surroundings in the end of Bryggen in Bergen, is only a short walk from Fisketorget, Fløibanen and Mariakirken. With the city’s best location and an elegance characterized by local history and neo-baroque architecture, the hotel today stands out as Bergen’s most fashionable hotel.

Watch this from the hotel and feel the grove.

Live and sleep in the fairy tale One Thousand and One Nights. The hotel, which was Bergen’s old Port Office once, has preserved the building’s history down to the last detail! Here you will feel energies from several hundred years back in time. The building’s robust elegance, as well as the house’s many stately rooms with original mosaic tiles and fantastic wood carvings, willingly bear witness to the city’s heyday and exciting maritime history.

The building itself is actually so beautiful and insatiable that you simply can’t get enough! The same feeling also applies to the exceptionally beautiful interior – so three nights at the Havnekontoret were far too little. At my first stay four years ago, my daughter Josefine and I floated happily around the corridors, the stairs and the beautiful hall, constantly discovering something new and beautiful to rest our eyes on, and not least something to learn from. So when I travel to Bergen, this feels like my second home and the staff like my second family.

Bergen offers city life, history and culture, and not least life at sea and mountains. It is obvious to think of the fish market, wharf and ocean when you are in Bergen, but I would recommend everyone to do the walkabout up “Stoltzen” to Fløien or go “Oppstemten”, which was built by Sherpas from Nepal and are the new city stairs up to the mountain Ulriken. If you prefer an easier hike to the top of the mountain Fløien, you can do so on a walking track that starts from Fløibanen close to Havnekontoret and Bryggen.

The Fløibanen funicular in Bergen is one of Norway’s best-known and most visited attractions. The journey up to Fløyen (320 m above sea level) takes about 5–8 minutes. So, these three mountain-walks are simply absolutely fabulous! And when you’re back at the hotel, you can enjoy the house’s waffles and a good book to read in front of the fireplace or in the beautiful library – and of course, feel free to read one of mine as well. 🙂

Ever since the 18th century, Slottsgaten where you fint the hotel, has been considered one of Bergen’s most exclusive streets. With its magnificent architecture full of baroque and rococo, the street was considered one of the city’s pearls, and it still is. To get a bigger picture of it all, feel free to take the stairs from the historic Hallen up to the hotel’s tower and read about the city’s history along the way. From the tower you can see 360 ​​degrees over the center of Bergen – and do so preferably in the afternoon when the sun colors the sky red in the west or in the evening when the city lights reflect beautifully in Bergen harbour.

Read more about the hotel and find offers here.

Havnekontoret is undoubtedly Bergen’s most fashionable hotel. With the city’s best location and an elegance characterized by local history and neo-baroque architecture, the hotel stands out as Bergen’s most fashionable hotel and not only that, the hotel offers more than most. Here you get Afternoon Sweets and Evening Meal included in the price – and Evening Meal is quite simply dinner that tastes so good that the risk of overeating is reasonably high. You are hereby warned! The hotel also has a very exclusive and delicious lobby bar where you can enjoy a good glass or two and get something good to eat made from local ingredients.

Laughter, smiles and joy. As already mentioned, the hotel Havnekontoret offers accommodation in one of Bergen’s most beautiful buildings and in wonderful surroundings. But I must also highlight the staff who always makes the stay an unforgettable experience – again, they are almost like family. We were particularly fond of Roza Linn, because she simply sums up the lovely Bergen weather, which is always sunny and happy despite a little rain in the air!

A thousand and one nights, laughter, joy and peace of mind is a fair summary of our stay at the city’s coolest and most generous hotel. Josefine and I found our favorite place four years ago in Bergen which is the hotel Havnekontoret – and I am reasonably sure that it will be yours too!

Wishing everyone a really nice day! Spread love and joy, and the world will be a better place for us all!


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