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Welcome to Lysebu – a magical place in Norway

It was a Friday afternoon that we went to Lysebu Hotel to do a commercial for the hotel. And I must say, Lysebu is everything you can see in the movie below – and more. Beautifully situated near Holmenkollen, and resembling the royal palace from a Norwegian folk tale, Lysebu Hotel is distinguished by the highest levels of quality, comfort and elegance.

History: Lysebu was designed by the famous Norwegian architect Magnus Poulsson. He created a building complex that seems to step straight from the pages of a Norwegian folk tale, reflecting traditional Norwegian building styles and drawing inspiration from the imposing country houses of pre-independence civil administrators in eastern Norway.

During World War II, the Danish population collected large sums to send food to Norway. Thousands and thousands of food parcels were distributed all over the country. After the war, there was still an appreciable sum remaining from the funds collected. This money was used to set up the Foundation for Danish-Norwegian Co-operation. As an expression of thanks for Denmark’s assistance during the wartime years, the Norwegian nation presented Lysebu to the Foundation as a gift. The idea was to encourage Danes to travel to Norway and experience Norwegian culture.

“This little story explains the values on which Lysebu is founded; values that are integral to everything we do, and which inspire us every day: generosity, appreciation and care. And food.”


Food and wine: Lysebus wine cellar and culinary art is famous far and wide. They use the best seasonal ingredients and adapt the menus to suit the seasons. Their starting point is Nordic cuisine, prepared using authentic and natural ingredients. You might also enjoy some great wines at this very pleasant and unique hotel. Wine Spectator, the celebrated wine magazine, ranks the wine cellar among the best in the world.

I also have to mention the people working there – they are truly amazing and really made us feel at home. The place is embraced with a positive and warm energy that makes you relax and enjoy one of our greatest values in life – presence! To get a better idea of Lysebu Hotel, you can have a look at this great presentation.

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To learn more about beautiful Norway, please have a look at Visit Norway, or at this beautiful video. That´s all for now. I wish you all a nice day with a lot of joy and happiness:-)


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