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I convey dreams through texts, paintings & pictures.

My name is Trude Helén Hole. I am a experienced Norwegian author, travel journalist, painter, model and one of Norway’s best bloggers according to Norwegian press – read more here. I have been writing about adventures and travels, both in English and Norwegian for several magazines since 2003. If you want to market cruises, flights, trips, hotels and experiences on my popular blog – please feel free to contact me.


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So far – so god. Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, Estonia, Greece, Denmark, Egypt, France, Tunisia, Dubai, Montenegro, Barbados, USA, Mauritius, Monaco, Seychelles, Sweden, Latvia, Thailand, Austria, Scotland, Hong Kong, Turkey, Denmark, England, Tobago, Trinidad, Cuba, Cyprus, Malaysia, Signapore, Morocco, Croatia, France, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia, The Netherlands.

I convey dreams through texts, paintings & pictures.


I`m also an educated sommelier that have been importing wine for more than six years. I’ve been writing about drinks & wine for over 20 years for different magazines and also contributed to dozens of other drinks publications. I have held a number of winecourses throughout Norway, and was the first one to offer digitale winecourses. If you want to cooperate on wine and wine articles, please contact me. I write in both English and Norwegian. You will find articles about travel and wine on my blog.

If you wan´t to rent my beautiful farm house at Helgelandskysten North of Norway to enjoy the enchanting midnight sun or the magical northern light, then have a look right here.


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I find true luxury in activities and experiences. Mountain climbing, kayaking, horseback riding, hiking, cycling, wine tasting, coaching, skiing, cooking and training, and much more. Sunbathing on the beach all day is not really my style, but I will survive that as well, with a drink in my hand and a sophisticated man by my side. #justkidding He doesn’t need to be sophisticated. A good sense of humor is more than fine.


I was one of 12 selected members of the Scandinavian Opening Team for Radisson Blu SAS in 1992. Our task was to intergrate excellent service with the new team on board. I love the sense of luxury and the details and the service that is exercised in great and beautiful places as long as it´s not “over the top”. 


I love the wondeful ocean that ties the world together. The ocean is an energy filled with hope and dreams – and so is a holiday on a cruise or at a lovely beach hotel. I gladly convey that dream through my well-respected blog in both English and Norwegian so that it can become a reality for people, and not just remain a dream. 

Please have a look at my blog for inner and outer travels.

I convey dreams through texts, paintings & pictures

I have been writing about adventures and travels, both in English and Norwegian for several magazines since 2003. If you want me to tell a story for you or your company, or paint a picture – just tell me.

Latest news & where to find me

Please have a look at my blog for inner and outer travels. Please have a look at my authorpage for news about my books. You might follow this link for winecourses and please click here for my art gallery.

Watch this video to see what you can expect of joy and happiness at the northern part of Norway.


Mvh. Trude Helén Hole

Live your life through joy, generosity and love – then the world becomes a better place to be for all of us. 

Shortly about me/this blog – I am an artist, an author, a journalist, a sommelier, and traveller that have experienced a lot of beautiful places all over our amazing world. With that, I have been writing articles for several magazines. You can read about my travels here and my books and art right here, and here is my company.

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If you want to cooperate – then contact me here.

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