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The Love class: Healing barriers to intimacy

The experience of love imprints your mind with the feeling of safety, satisfaction, and belonging. These three conditions are constantly challenged by every day stress, and by any childhood trauma involving violence, poverty, sickness, neglect, or abuse. The absence of love brings up fear, insecurity, hostility, suspicion, control, manipulation, deceit, jealousy, fear of commitment, betrayal and other symptoms of the pain of not being loved.

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This dynamic class explores the toxic legacy children inherit from their parents and culture regarding sexuality, intimacy, romantic love and friendship. You will learn to recognize negative patterns in yourself. Then, you will choose your core values and learn to use them to have loving, respectful and meaninful relationships in all kinds social settings.

Topics covered include:

• Accessing the courage to be open and love.
• Healthy ways to be intimate including enjoying sensuality.
• Finding resolution to issues of safety, satisfaction, and belonging.
• Boundaries: How to make and sustain clear, strong boundaries.
• Healing sexuality: How to address pornography, violence, rape, and pedophilia in the family.
• Learn clear communication skills. Bring passion, spontaneity, and playfulness to intimacy. Loving feels good!

Class format: Short lectures to introduce theory combined with individual and group exercises. Awareness training and practice, Visualization and sensing sessions to enhance sensitivity.

Who can benefit from this class? People having difficulty being intimate due to all forma of trauma including parental neglect, lack of boundaries, fear of abandonment, fear of commitment, victims of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse.

Your facilitator: Osiris Montenegro is a Psychosynthesis counselor with over twenty years of experience in private practice. He combines his knowledge of Chinese medicine, Body work, reflexology and meditation to facilitate a safe, caring, compassionate and nurturing space for the students.

Where: Location to be announced
When: June 2-4, Friday & Saturday 9-18 Sunday 10-5pm
Cost: 3,200NOK Early registration paid in full by May 15, 2,700NOK
Contact: osiris@becomeselfaware.com
Mobile: +47 936 30640


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