Kan UV lys bekjempe Ebola?

Om det er slik at UV-lys kan penetrere celleveggene i mikroorganismer som bakterier, virus, mugg, sopp og sporer, og ødelegge RNA’et til skitten, så er jo dette svært interessant, spesielt også med tanke på Ebolaviruset. Kanskje er vaksiner og antibiotika gått ut på dato?

08.06.2014. Recently, the public eye has been focused on the Ebola epidemic in Africa, and two Americans infected with the deadly virus. Much like the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus that was also recently in the news, the disease is not likely to spread with excellent hospitals monitoring the patients, but it is scary, because it is so often fatal. Many are concerned that cases of Ebola and MERS on US soil could lead to an outbreak. When a MERS patient went to an Orlando, Florida hospital for treatment, we sent a Xenex robot to Dr. P. Phillips Hospital to disinfect the facility and help ensure that patient remained an isolated case.

To watch CNBC. Similarly, with the Ebola patients being treated in the United States, we?ve offered Xenex robots to Emory University and the CDC to treat the hospital and the planes used to transport those patients. Yesterday, our CEO, Morris Miller, appeared on CNBC?s Power Lunch to discuss the war on Ebola, and the ways that UV light from the Xenex germ-zapping robot penetrates the cell walls of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus and spores, destroying all the superbugs and pathogens that could be lurking in a hospital room, OR or ER in just 5-10 minutes: – See more here.

It´s important to remember that while cases of emerging rare diseases like Ebola and MERS may be high-profile, nearly 300 people in the US die each day from a hospital-acquired infection like MRSA, C. diff or VRE infections that hospitals using our germ-zapping robots have proven to be preventable, in peer-reviewed, published studies. Rachael Sparks leads the Account Management Team at Xenex Healthcare Services and was previously a transplant specialist working with hospitals throughout Texas. See more here.

Også i Norge. UV-zapping devices er tatt i bruk i norske sykehus i den senere tid. Igjen, kanskje er vaksiner og antibiotika gått ut på dato? Just asking.

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