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Authorities threatens fines up to 3,600 euros for anyone who refuses to take the jab – sign the petition insisting on NO vaccine

The authorities is trying to turn us all into sheep. Authoritarians across the globe think they can get away with crushing your individual liberty and forcing citizens (even young children) to get stabbed in the arm with the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine… again and again and again…. or face job loss and exile from society.

They threaten fines, refusal of services, restriction of travel, and loss of employment for anyone who refuses to comply.

These autocrats believe a pandemic gives them ultimate power to overrule individual liberty. And anyone who points out the dangers of mandatory vaccination policies is ridiculed, harassed, or shut down.

If you and I let them get away with it, they will look to use this power again, and again.

That’s why I’m asking you to sign your petition insisting on NO vaccine mandates – and I hope you will invite your family and friends to join our campaign.

The threats coming from world leaders against their citizens who refuse to comply are astounding.

  • Austria threatens fines up to 3,600 euros for almost anyone over 18 who refuses to take the jab.
  • In France, the vaccination pass is compulsory (with 3 doses) to be able to carry out everyday actions, such as taking your child to the doctor in the hospital. 
  • Germany bans unvaccinated people from public and private facilities the government deems “unnecessary.”
  • Quebec (Canadian province) requires the COVID-19 vaccine to attend religious services.  
  • Ecuador even forces the vaccine on children as young as twelve!

And that is only the beginning.

Many countries are requiring health care workers to get vaccinated or lose their jobs at a time when we need MORE doctors and nurses – and then complain that the remaining health care staff are getting overrun.

Threatening health care workers who are fighting to help the sick because they refuse to comply with a government mandate that violates health freedom is the last thing we need.

That’s why it is so important to tell leaders to stop the vaccine mandates now!

Sign your petition now to let your elected leaders know you do not support authoritarian attacks on liberty through vaccine mandates.

I say you have the right to decide whether to inject yourself with a new vaccine, not government officials. And you have a right to ALL the medical facts, especially those the government wants to keep hidden.

These officials are so short-sighted, they don’t even see how their mandates impact the supply of services to their citizens.

In countries like Italy, France, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, and Ukraine, some public sector workers are required to be vaccinated. What happens when there are not enough police available to protect citizens because the government requires vaccinations?

There will be more crime on the streets.

Or what happens when there are not enough firefighters to put out fires?

More fires will endanger lives and homes.

Or what happens when children can’t go to school because there are not enough teachers in the classrooms?

Their learning will be hindered and the economy will suffer because parents can’t work.

Clearly, these leaders don’t think about the consequences of their decisions…

Or they are just paid puppets for the industri or just don’t care.

When elected leaders receive hundreds of thousands of petitions demanding they stop vaccine mandates from CitizenGO supporters like you, they will think twice about continuing down this destructive path that violates liberty and freedom.

That’s why it’s critical you sign your petition right away and forward this message to your family and friends who support individual liberty.

Sign now to let your elected leaders know that they are making a mistake by violating personal health liberty with vaccine mandates.

Thank you,

Ignacio Arsuaga and the entire CitizenGO team

P.S.  World leaders violate personal liberty with vaccine mandates. They threaten fines, loss of employment and exile from society for those who refuse to comply.

Your signature will go a long way toward increasing the pressure to repeal current mandates and stop future decrees … especially if you ask your family and friends to join our campaign.

CitizenGO stands with those fighting for liberty against authoritarian vaccine mandates, and we will not back down.

Please sign your petition right away and forward this message to your family and friends.

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