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Covid is a giant political, press-ethics and health-ethics scandal and must stop now!

I have written about Covid-19 for over a year now, and I have strictly used evidence-based scientific facts in my articles and referred to these with links. I have advised people to read articles written by doctors, professionals, researchers and specialists instead of the bizarre headlines in the mainstream media, and I have advised people not to trust the authorities, especially not when they violate human rights and constitutions all over the world, and like the government in Norway – insist on keeping case documents secret for 100 years and suddenly delete vital information.

Please read these four statements;

  1. We have known for almost a year that the consequences of the measures have done more harm than good, which has been proven by doctors, specialists and scientists. Nevertheless, the authorities maintain their incomprehensible regime.
  2. Both old and new research has shown us that face masks (of course) do not prevent deadly viruses, but on the contrary are harmful to use. Still, the authorities force us to use it.
  3. We know that the vaccine can to a large extent cause serious side effects (disease) that require hospitalization and death. Nevertheless, the authorities insist that we all let ourselves be insinuated (under duress).
  4. We also know that our natural immune systems have been developed for over 200,000 years and are built by socializing and being in contact with viruses and bacteria. Nevertheless, the authorities are preventing us from strengthening our immune system.

These four statements is very important. Further down in this post, you will find a video with Dr. Roger Hodkinson that explain exactly the same as I wrote March 3, 2020.  Please watch the video and be wiser. And if you agree on the common sense combined with the evidence-based scientific facts that he conveys in this video – then please, share it.

Covid is simply a giant political, press-ethics and health-ethics scandal!

There is no scientific reason to mass-inject (it´s not a vaccine) an entire population – old and young – for an infection most people do not notice, where the mortality rate is 0.12% and mainly affects the elderly over the age of 84 with underlying diseases. (Norway)

We are still talking about an injection that are extremely risky and deadly, and of which we do not know the long-term consequences!

Science can never catch a virus that is constantly mutating. So, being forced to be injected with a dangerous “vaccine” every second months or twice a year to keep up with the virus in order to travel is beyond all madness. The authorities are trying to indoctrinate us into believing that the (compulsory) injections will give us back our freedom.

But the truth is that this is imposing on us a health dictatorship that is the opposite of freedom – and we can not allow this to happen.

Freedom will return when the authorities stop their un-healty actions; that is, when the society opens up and allows the virus to run its course as before and then disappear like they alway do – and allows injections to be a voluntary choice as with everything else.

The authorities’ handling has cost society dearly, not only financially – but also humanly. A lot of people have died of other diseases and the c-injection for that matter, and the number of suicide is increasing. There is a depression and poorer health both mentally and physically in the population. Our elderly have died in loneliness, and children and young people are both isolated and scared – and are prevented from building a vital natural immune system!

This is in my opinion a crime against humans!

And for what – even science agrees that further developing a natural immune system, which we have been doing for over 200,000 years is unbeatable! Especially when it comes to an infection that most of us already have a very good immune system against. So why do we let the authorities which consist of incompetent and arrogant people refuse our own children to develop the same immune system that we were allowed to develop when we were children?

In fact; the authorities want to turn our children into future slaves of the medicine and vaccine industry because they are not allowed to develop their own immune system – this must never happen! We have to stop now!

Again, this is the biggest health policy scandal in history – parents simply cannot allow the authorities to sacrifice our children’s future health in this way. Parents should PROTECT their children and ensure that they develop freely and get the best possible, natural conditions for growing up – and please; do not deliver them as testing individuals to an industry! We also need to stop mass testing of children and young people.

This is also an abuse that is totally unnecessary and that has no scientifically documented beneficial effect at all.

When it comes to “vaccine” or injection-passes for an injection that does not prevent infection, I would like to add this; – we have spent hundreds of years eradicating racism and discrimination, but now the authorities suddenly wants to legitimate discrimination against healthy and sensible people who trust their own immune system?

This is madness.

What happened to common sense? The injection does not prevent infection, it will mainly reduce the disease symptoms if one becomes ill – you might still get sick and both get and spread the infection even with the injection, and you might also die as a direct result of the injection – so, to exclude healthy people from the rest of the world because they do not want a man-made, dangerous and deadly untested substance injected into their own body and by this refuse to be a test-person for income for one of the world’s largest billion-dollar industries, cannot be defended by the use of words – only by the abuse of power.

Vaccines and injections should ALWAYS be a free choice, WITHOUT penal restrictions! If not, we will lose both democracy and our human rights – and become a dictatorship!

The world’s population is united against this. It is therefore gratifying to observe all the great demonstrations that are now taking place around the world – this shows that the people of the world are waking up – we have had enough – we want our lives back like before without restrictions and dictatorship!

Here is the video with Dr. Roger Hodkinson  – please watch it and be wiser. And if you agree on the common sense combined with the evidence-based scientific facts that he conveys in this video – then please, share it.


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