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The Man in the Mirror Day – today is a special day. February 2, 2020 (0202 2020)

The Man in the Mirror Day. Today is a special day. February 2, 2020 (0202 2020) is a palindrome date, a mirror image date which happens exceptionally rarely; the next such date will be 1000 years from now (0303 3030). The peculiarity with a palindrome date is that it reads the same backwards and forwards.

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Traditionally palindrome dates are surrounded with mystique and magic. Loaded with magical thinking I know many will use this day for that purpose, whereas for most people it will be just another day.

Yet others may use such a date, peculiar as it is, as an inspiration and impetus to devote a little extra time for reflection over the state of the world and our role and place in it. A little self-reflection is rarely a waste of time. We live in precarious times. Where are we heading? What would I like to be different? In what way am I contributing towards this being the world I’d like it to be, or not? How can I actively and constructively do my bit to make a difference? And the most important question of all: How will I likely sabotage myself in my efforts?

Happy palindrome Sunday!

Text unknown.


Spre kjærlighet, positivitet og glede, så blir verden et bedre sted å være for oss alle.

Del gjerne.

Mvh. Trude Helén Hole


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