Right now I am in Tobago, trying to read and write on my 13th novel. I am also spending time on my own under the warm sun or in the playful rain, thinking about small things and big things like life itself. I am thinking about my past and about the future, but most of all, I am being present in this wonderful island – wondering why the hell I do not have a boyfriend, or at least a lover!

From the beach this evening, at Coco Reef Resort and Spa, Tobago
The sunset this evening, at Coco Reef Resort and Spa, Tobago!

Tobago is so damn romantic, so today, when the sun went down and colored the sky with love and the full moon were rising – I simply got a new thought in mind. For the first time ever, I tasted the feeling about having a boyfriend. Perhaps the fact that I was surrounded with couples had something to do with it, but also the spirit in the air – so my mind was wondering about love. Where the hell is it? Yep, I think I am ready for it now.


So just for fun, I do it sometimes, I clicked into Lotus Tarot Reading on net. And here is my reading that I find quite appropriate and also amusing, because how do “they or it” know I am alone at Tobago? 😉

What Lies Between You (Overview) by Fiona

The Chariot

Card 1:  You 

The Chariot. This is a card of struggle but ultimately success.

If you really want something you can set out now and get it. Your ego is strong and you are able to overcome obstacles in life.

You’re not afraid to take new paths and have new adventures, life is a challenge and you are enjoying it.

In a love reading this card shows that you are trying to resolve differences between you and your loved one, for the greater good of your relationship and future life as a couple. You may also be planning a trip or holiday together.

The Hermit

Card 2:  The Relationship 

The Hermit. You are taking a journey alone. This is a path that requires you to become ‘Hermit-like’ and seek answers from within. You must listen to that all-important inner voice, trust in your own intuition and find the answers you seek without outside guidance or intervention.

In order to achieve inner peace, you must take what you have learned from others and from life experience (both good and bad), and turn it into your own personal wisdom. This personal wisdom can only be acquired from within, never from someone else.

This solitary journey shuts out much of the world. This path can feel like a dark cave, but after the knowledge has turned itself into personal wisdom, life resumes as it was before your journey. However, it may be viewed from a different, calmer perspective.

The only thing that has changed is the self. This is a card of sacrifice and all else must be temporarily left behind.

The Star

Card 3:  The Other Person 

The Star. This is a beautiful card to find in any spread, regardless of its position, as it offers faith, hope and optimism. You may be inspired to create, discover a new love of nature, or perhaps take a closer look at all things metaphysical.

If we look at the imagery, it depicts a young woman “wishing upon a star”. When this card appears in a spread it may be time to work on manifesting, vision boards, cosmic ordering or even just writing a list of what you hope to achieve and placing it beneath the Stars.

Your hopes for the future are now more than far off dreams, success could well be within your grasp and you can now feel satisfied that you have passed through the storm and the sun is finally shining down on you.


Well, what can I say? Just have to believe it, right? Try Lotus Tarot to see for yourself. 😉

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