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No beachlife better than in Tobago!

I have been to Tobago before, about 100 years ago. And it is still the same Paradise that I remembered it to be. It´s simply wonderful.

What can I say? I have been to Tobago before, about 100 years ago. And it is still the same Paradise that I remembered it to be. It´s simply wonderful. The beaches are stunning, and so are the people and the music that´s everywhere, not to mention the great and relaxed atmosfære! Tobago is totally unik, something completely different – you will definitely not drown in other turists, but in pleasure and happiness. #DreamyLife

Of course, you will get to know people if you wan´t to. That´s just how it is, at this wonderful Caribbean Island! But of course, if you wan´t to spend the time all by your self, you can. I have now been traveling around the Island, visiting almost every beach. There is no beach like the one at No Man´s land. This is really a “must go” place!

In charming Store Bay you will blend in with the lokals, and in Englishman´s bay you will feel the calm in your body, for sure. You will get the same calming feeling in Charlotteville. This is a very back secluded lovely place with only locals. Buccoo Bay is a quiet paradise on earth where you can ride horses, and is probably my favorite, and so is Stonehaven, where you can relax at the restaurant or have a drink. Try the Pina Colada in the sunset. 🙂

You might skip Speyside, there is nothing there, but Pigeon Point is a small paradise. Here you will enjoy yourself big time, and for sure – you will be offered boat-trips to go fishing, to look for the dolphins and snorkel, visit beaches with barbecue and drinks and music. So don´t hold back –  just go with the flow!

I have to mention Wayne, Romeo, Jason and Moneymouse, which is only 17teen with his own boat business. I have told him to use his real name, and he do agree. They are great guys with big hearts, and a lot of knowledge – so join them on a boat-trip and just have some great fun! But make sure you do not get to much “rum punch” to drink! Then you will get punched! 🙂

Regarding hotels, we stayed at Half Moon Blue and Magdalena Grand, which booth are nice, somewhat exclusive in style, but very overpriced. Right now, I am having six days at Dimples Apartments, and I am really enjoying myself here, feeling more lika a lokal, and not a tourist. And the owner, Mr Cox, well – he´s the man, fiksing everything. 🙂

I will let the pictures speak for themself – and leave the rest up to you, and write on my 13th novel instead this wonderful evening. But before I forget, skip Trinidad and the ferry over to Tobago if you decide to visit Tobago. Go by air, is my advice. Click here for more information about Tobago.


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