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While Norway is a dirty pretender, Luxembourg becomes the first country to make public transit free

Luxembourg is set to become the world’s first country to make all of its public transportation free. The newly re-elected prime minister Xavier Bettel and the coalition government have announced that they will lift all fares on trains, trams and buses next summer. Taking aim at long commutes and the country’s carbon footprint, the new move hopes to alleviate some of the worst traffic congestion in the world.


Landlocked by Belgium, Germany and France, Luxembourg has more than 400,000 commuters travelling in to work from neighboring countries. This year, Luxembourg started offering free transportation to everyone under the age of 20. Secondary school students have also been able to ride free shuttles between school and home.

Luxembourg currently has the highest number of cars for its population in the European Union. Read the article here.

I have written about politics, society and environment for years, and I do not understand why a rich country like Norway is not offering the same solution regarding our state-owned transport companies – at least to youngsters and older people. Instead, the prices are pretty high, thanks to a greedy government.

In my opinion – Norway, is a big pretender when it comes to environment. We talk, and while pointing fingers towards other countries, we invest in companies that commit extreme criminal acts when it comes to nature, environment and wildlife. An example is going on in Canada, I am referring to Statoil’s, or todays Equinor acquisition of the tar sands in Alberta. Tar sands have been dubbed the largest – and most destructive – industrial project in human history. Canada and Norway is on the forefront of their exploitation.

Read more about it here, and about Equinor dirty business here.


Huge forest areas are destroyed, natural diversity is threatened, and habitats for humans and animals are poisoned. The extraction for Equinor entails at least 13 times as large a greenhouse gas emission per barrel of oil compared to the North Sea, and will fragment a vulnerable wilderness area the size of the Jotunheimen National Park in Norway.

Is it NOT okay to fuck up nature like this, to earn money.

So, while Luxembourg becomes the first country to make public transit free to help environment and reduce pollution, Norway is planning the next move to earn more money. Fuck nature and environment. Sadly, money talks!


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