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Oslo Gardemoen, Norway – totally unacceptable prices on food and drinks

Of course, if you are leaving Oslo by plane, there is no way around – you have to go to Oslo Lufthavn/Gardemoen, or Torp/Sandefjord. Everytime I get here, I get pissed because the prices and the bad food – it is totally unacceptable!A4F97C23-06EE-4893-85DA-E24A61FF30B4

Every time I’m here, leaving Norway for some fun abroad, I’m getting quite frustrated about the expensive prices and the bad food. The restaurant Hot Kitchen where I am right now, requires 100 NOK for a “small glass” of ordinary wine which in this case is Miradou Côtes de Provence 2012.

The glass is equivalent to two mouthfuls, ie less than a normal glass of wine.

For a completely normal glass of wine, 135 NOK is required. The bottle costs 145 NOK in the store. This is not okay. It is perceived as a robbery, and I am being really pissed off by this.

The food is also a joke – and that is embarrassing. I travel a lot, but I still have NOT eaten a nice and good meal at “my own” airport. I find this, as Norwegian, very embarrassing, because we have a great historic food-culture in Norway to offer our quests – and the airport is after all – the gate “in and out” of Norway.

We should be able to offer better food. Today I chose noodles with salmon; it was overcooked and tasteless without vegetables, and the salmon was too salty.

Again, this is not ok. Not to mention the kiosk, where a regular yogurt costs 30 NOK. In the shop it costs 12 NOK. You see? It is a robbery!

Skjermbilde 2018-11-27 kl. 13.49.27.png

But I’m going to Marbella – so bad prices and bad food will ruin my mood today. I just had to get it out of my chest!:-)

I’m writing this because I think it’s unacceptable of Norway’s biggest airport to have such ridiculous prices and so bad food offerings – so my tip is clear – eat well before you arrive and bring snacks in your bag.

With this I wish you a really good trip where ever you go!

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