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This is how I recover after two years with heavy shit ;-)

#Inner-and-outher-Journey! Hell yeah! Two years with a lot of heavy shit. I know, since I am an author and blogger that writes a lot about travels and adventures, books, wine, politics and other funny stuff, people might think that my life is sunshine every day. It´s not. In fact, my life in recent years has consisted of a lot of bad weather; heavy storms, gray and misty days (and nights), overcast with no signs for the better, and rain, rain, rain. And it has been cold! Very cold!

So, after 2 years with a tough change of business regarding my company New Spirit Communication, fierce fighting, heavy setbacks and complex detours, big and frustrating fluctuations in income, large unexpected expenses – not to mention hard work 24/7 and a significantly steep learning curve, yeah, you know what I mean – I finally see my goals clearly and fairly closely – and as we all know, it´s when you have achieved a goal or a subset, that the body often reports that it is worn out.

So here I am right now – empty and tired, but happy. 🙂

You see, last year on top of everything else of course, I also started Feather Books Publishing – and last week I got two good and breaking news, my last three books about Lotte, Norways funniest series according to media, will soon be released as audiobooks, and Feather Books Publishing has been chosen by an outstanding American author writing books that I like; about the cowboy way of living, about love, wild horses, hard work, sweat and dust, and steamy sex – all the things that I miss myself! Jepp, I used to live the cowboy lifestyle in Australia a 100 years ago and I truly miss it. Yes, those were the good old days!


Above, from somewhere out in the desert. Just love it!

But mud is good manure, and out of all the shit grows a new and lovely spring. Right now, we’re 7 authors in Feather Books Publishing, you’ll find some of them here, which is lovely. But three weeks ago, when I received my latest books from the printing company, my body could not keep up with me anymore, and said; – hold your horses, little girl. I am worn out, I am in trouble and need to rest! NOW!

When my body screams out like that in pain, I need to listen, because my body hurst and I am not stupid. You see, I have been there once before. I have met the famous wall, and don´t want to do so again. If you have been there, you know what I am talking about. 🙂

Although, I try to trick it now and then, like last Friday when I went to Oslo at the Crimean Book Festival. I only managed to stay in the city for ten minutes and then took the train back to my beloved home in Asker laughing all the way of my own stupidity. Yes, I live at the countryside – and there are no better places to live.

Here I have everything I need to get back on track again – I am surrounded by beautiful nature! Now I need to be clever and use it wisely.

I practically live ski in – ski out. Right now, I have recently been cross country skiing in faboulous tracks, with pure, clean and white snow under and clear blue sky above. The sun shines and warms my cold body (and my cold heart) and the snow drips cheerfully from the ceiling.

I only managed half an hour, because I am as you know, a bit worn out – but every minute I spend in our beautiful and beloved nature, the joy and energy slowly fills both my body and mind. And right now, I’m sitting on my Montepulcianterrace enjoying the lovely sun, and writing this.

Yes, I hereby declare the outdoor season on my terrace for opened! It´s springtime!

I love to be outdoor as much as I can, don´t you? And I also like to sleep outside with the sky as my cover, both winter and summer. I haven´t done that for many years, but it is time to make 2018 a year that brings joy and happiness back into my life, by doing more of those things that I love to do, next to work and writing books.

Nature is my way of residing and without it I would have been totally lost. I have always been an outdoor and nature-loving girl, and could never live in the city. I would die slowly. I know, it sounds dramatic, but it is true. 😉

 These pictures is from right outside my door! I know – I am very lucky! 🙂

Anyway, right now we have entered the time when the Norwegian winter turns out at its best. Now we got brilliant weather almost every single day, so this is a fantastic period with lots of outdoor activities, good food, little use of sosiale media, hanging around with my dear family and good friends for good conversations, skiing here and there, and lots of outdoor fun. This is my medicine. This is the best time of year, the spring is still there in front of us, forcing us to look forward.

Well, you probably know what I am talking about, when you have been struggling for years and working so hard, and then you suddenly realize you’re on the right track and the wind is finally blowing your way – then you need heal your tired body before you continue. It is so simple, but yet so difficult.

So, if you are worn out – then hold your horses and make time and space to do the things that you love the most. For me it is good friends, laughter and nature, as simpel as that.

What is your happy box? Find it – and just dive in. 🙂

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 Trude Helén Hole


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