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On average 75,000 males are sexually abused every year

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Please have in mind that sexual abuse might start with people close to you. It might start with normal things, like a grown up close to the family or in the family, is showing how you should clean yourself in the bathroom. Kids do not understand what is happening or what is normal or not. Kids trust in grown ups – that might be fatal.

So we have to teach our kids how to protect themselves, and about what is normal and what is not, and to be aware regarding their own body and other people.

If you have been abused, it is not your fault. So please don´t punish yourself for being abused, talk to somebody, it might help you. Don´t keep this as a dark secret within you. If you do so, your wounds might never heal. Have in mind that you are not alone. Let it out – let it go. There are places where you can get help and where you can talk to people that have experienced the same as you – use the internet to find out where.

If you have kids, talk with them. Explain to them some easy body rules that is easy to remember, like:

  • Teach your kids that their body is theirs, and theirs only!
  • Teach your kids that no one is allowed to touch their bodies!
  • Teach your kids that no one is allowed to make them do things, like touching others.
  • Teach your kids that they have to speak out to somebody, no matter what – if some one breaks these rules!

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We can´t be silence! We have to speak about this in the open – we have to shout it out loud and clear – abusing kids is NOT ok!

If you are a abuser – you are not a human being – STOP NOW!

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Trude Helén Hole, New Spirit Communication