I have to share with you this video. There is so much violence and darkness in the world, that it is easy to forget the god things that is happening all over, like the cleaning up in Versova that started out with only one man – Afron Shah. The world needs more people like him. So please watch, be inspired and share 🙂

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Epic Beach Clean Up Transforms Coastline After Removing 5.3 Million KG Of Trash!

If you want to follow Afron Shah, you can do so on Twitter. I simply love his presentation, I think I have to change mine Twitter presentation as well;-)

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I also would like to mention that in Oslo the Passion for Ocean festival will be held at the 26th of August 2017, and I hope you will participate:-)

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If you care about the ocean and our nature – please share this, and also share all other good things that is happening in the world, that comes in your way. We need to belive in love and light, not darkness and hate. To be able to do so, we need to show each other all the love and care that is really happening around in the world, and continue to spread this further on. So use the social media to spread love and joyfulness, and give nature a helping hand like Afron Shah – by cleaning up our mess. It does not belong in nature. 🙂

#Clean and happy nature – clean and happy people.

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Thank you, and have a beautiful day with a lot of love and laughter:-)

Trude Helén Hole, New Spirit Communication