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LinkedIn is not a dating site!

LinkedIn is definitely a site I like much better than Facebook, because Facebook makes you invisible unless you pay and because of that fact – the reason for being there in the first place, today – is becoming less obvious. LinkedIn are more, of course, professional but also more interesting – both in what is shared of good articles and also of course, the business aspect of it and the business opportunities that comes along.

But nevertheless, there are people also at LinkedIn, that for some reason believe that any site is a good arena for picking up dates and by that are sending awkward mails that I have to ignore or answer polite – but the thing is that I don´t want them at all. I am at LinkedIn obvious – for business reason, and I would like people to respect that.

Well, today I came across this update at LinkedIn from another lady, Beate Chelette – please read and think about it. Her message is pretty clear:

LinkedIn is not a dating site. Women are not here to find a mate, we do that on a dating website. This is not it. We are here to do business. Please respect the professional aspects of LinkedIn. Give me at least one place where I, where women DO NOT have to figure out how to balance that awkwardness when someone is hitting on you who could be a client. Just cut it out – completely. Please.


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