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Julia Roberts urges consumers worldwide to Save Our Soils.


‘By the time you’ve read this, 9,378 m² of fertile soil has been destroyed.’ This is the message being delivered by Julia Roberts as she becomes the latest in a line of international VIP’s to express support for the Save Our Soils initiative.

Julia Roberts becomes the latest ‘Soilebrity’ to back the Save Our Soils campaign, which aims to alert consumers to urgent need to end irresponsible farming practices. The Hollywood actress has this week become the newest face of Save Our Soils, following in the footsteps of respected names, including the Dalai Lama, Bishop Desmond Tutu, activist Vandana Shiva and conservationist Douglas Tompkins.

With 30 football fields of soil being lost every minute to irresponsible farming practices, the UN-backed Save Our Soils initiative aims to inform consumers about the urgent need to halt the loss of irreplaceable soils. Save Our Soils has recently launched the ‘I like organic’ campaign which encourages consumers to buy organic in order to save soils.

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Dutch entrepreneur Volkert Engelsman, CEO of Nature & More / Eosta, who initiated the Save Our Soils campaign and congress, said:

We want to support growers to develop sustainable farming practices and save soil fertility. Likewise, we want to encourage consumers to buy sustainably farmed organic food and be conscious of production methods. There can be no sustainability without transparency. Saving the world’s soils is essential not just for our wellbeing, but for the survival of future generations.

By ‘liking’ the Save Our Soils Facebook page or the campaign website saveoursoils.com, consumers can participate online. Each ‘like’ will release €5 from the Save Our Soils Fund, enough to save 500m² of fertile soil. By sharing this post and Julia Roberts picture, you will join her and me in encouraging consumers to join in and buy organic food. Please share!

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