It´s finally Christmas vacation!

Juhhuuu, I will now break free from everyday life to take a nice Christmas vacation with a lot of exercise and outdoor activities, no running I am afraid – my knee is completely done for a while. But I will be dancing (sober in my living room:) and simply enjoy a lot of nice feelgood & Christmas music. I will be reading books in front of my woodstove, and so on, and I will be nitting a scarf for my dear boyfriend Hans-Jacob:-) Did I mention Yoga!? Hell yeah, everyday yoga it is, for at least two weeks. Dæng!

Trude portrett 2015 Triaden

Well, I ended 2015 with something I have not done for a while, and that is quite funny. Modeling! This picture is from my last job in 2015, and it is for a Christmas catalog. I will probably take several modeling jobs in 2016, because it was a lot more fun now that I’m about 100 years, than I remembered it to be when I was about 18. So why not?

If you need me in front of or behind the camera, simply let me know. More pictures and a overview of my services can be found on my website

Skjermbilde 2015-12-20 kl. 14.58.30

By the way – I have also recently started a new career in Mary Kay. To purchase products or join my sales team – click here and sign up, and off we go in 2016:-)

But first vacation! Because I do not blog about my own… eh…, navel fluff or «navlelo» as we say it in Norway, and out-fits and make-up, but politics, business, culture and society, training and self-development and so on – the holiday also applies to my blog.

I will simply enjoy life instead of blogging and use free time writing on my documentary about suicide that you will find here, and also my new novel – and you know what? It rocks:-) Hopefully I will find more time to write in 2016. You see, to set goals is important, and this is an important goal for me!

It is very easy – to be happy I need to do more of what I am!

And I plan to be more of me in 2016.

And you should do so to:-)

IMG_6798 copy - versjon 2

I also have one other important goal for 2016– and that is to get back on a horse! I really miss my crazy stallion Percy and the ranch in Australia. I need horses in my life in order to feel complete. To ride gives me joy, it’s so great and powerful, especially when sitting on real horse power like  my Percy and Yksen above:-)

So hold your horses if you have any; there is still enough reading material to be found on the blog. Under Aktuelt you will find just that, themes media don´t like to write about, and the conversely. Further you will find all my categories, also those written in English on the right side of this blog -> so just dig in! And if you find something you will like to share, please do so:-)

I will be back in January – if you would like to follow me on social media, please do so here. Also have a look at my company New Spirit for services I can do for you. Here is my e-books 🙂

I wish everyone a wonderful & lovely Christmas – be nice and be generous to both yourself and others, and just enjoy life. 🙂

Lot´s of love from Trude Helén Hole