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Stay clear of Hotel Korkyra, Vela Luka

It will cheat you! We were supposed to stay four nights at Hotel Korkyra, but could only stay two because of work. We informed the hotel about this at arriving. To our surprise, the hotel refused to give us back our money for the two nights, only for one overnight – this after an unworthy discussion.

Skjermbilde 2015-08-16 kl. 09.28.51I am a writer and I write a lot about hotels and travels for a lot of magazines all over, including my own blog, and of course as a result of this – I spend a lot of time travel around the world visiting hotels – and this is the first time I experience anything like this.

In any hotel – you pay for the nights you´re staying – not for the ones you´re not there! I will name the word for what this is – stealing!

Now, four weeks has gone since we were there – and they have still not paid back the one night that they promised, and the hotel manager is not responding to our e-mails. This is not worthy a hotel, at least not one with four stars.

Lying pictures. Having said this, the web pictures from the hotel is really misleading you – it is lying! The picture above and right under, is how they present themselves on the web site. The pool looks nice, big and inviting, but the picture under, is how it really is!

Skjermbilde 2015-08-16 kl. 09.29.47

Basseng KorkylaThe pool is just a small “childrens pool”, perhaps 4×10 meters and nothing like the picture on the website at all. You just don´t want to be there, in the pool area with plastic furniture behind the high walls, it is just a sad place.

The fact is that this hotel is cheating you big time! One should be able to demand honesty from a four-star hotel.

And the balconies is so small that you can only stand there one at the time, and of course for that reason – there is no furniture! Not only the shower is divided from the rest of the room by glass, but also the toilet! Who would like to sit and shit big time while somebody, maybe your lover – is watching from the bed? Not me! The whole thing is just stupid.

The fitness and the wellness centre is a big joke. It looks like it has been out of order for years! My advise is clear: stay away from this hotel – it is lying and cheating!

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