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Breastfeeding – take it for what it is

Nicole Trunfio. There is nothing more powerful and beautiful than motherhood.


The last thing I want to do is be controversial, so please take this for what it is, let us ‪#‎normalizebreastfeeding‬ there is nothing worse than a mother that is judged for feeding her hungry child in public. ‪#‎weareonlyhuman‬ I’m so proud of this cover and what it’s stands for.

I obviously don’t look like this or wear while I am breastfeeding but this stands for all women out there, whether you breastfeed or not, we gave birth, we are women, we are mothers.

Thank you to ELLE for being so bold and making such an encouraging, positive and healthy statement. ‪#‎womenunite. Nicole Trunfio‬

And to this, I do not need to bring any further comments. I stand behind it all. Let´s make breastfeeding normal and natural – because it is!

Trude Helén Hole

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