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Where to go – pleasant places in Oslo

We’re talking good food and something nice to drink, we are talking about fun, good mood and especially good service – pleasant places to go in Oslo. So here you will find some pictures and just a few words about places we recommend – enjoy yourselves in Oslo. 🙂


Olivia Tjuvholmen is always nice. Sometimes a bit messy service, but they win back the fort with smiles and joy. The wines are so-so, and that´s why we stick to Prosecco and beer. The food is also a bit so and so, sometimes very good, and sometimes boring – but if you´re not satisfied – tell them, and they will fix it. 🙂

IMG_5284IMG_5357My friend Gro Storteig is a photographer, in case you need one. As you can see, I love her very much. 🙂


Lille Herbern is a small hidden pearl – secret to most people, including Norwegians:-). The 30 bus runs from the National Theatre and the Bygdøy Alle, and stops at Herbern road. Perhaps even nicer is it taking Bydøybåten No. 91 that runs from City Hall pier – right in front of city hall. It runs mostly three times an hour in the season to Bygdøy. From there it is a little nice walk up to Herbern road and down to one of the world’s shortest ferry rides with M / S Lille Herbern!


And of course we have Lorry – Liberate, lively and lovely”, an old stayer that never changes. Lorry is one of the oldest restaurants in Oslo, well known for having a free and vibrant atmosphere. The walls are filled with decoration, and the clients relax in the deep, comfortable leather couches. The waiter has a profound respect for his/her job, wearing black uniforms, white shirts and black tie, but the place is still relaxed.

I simply love the way the waiter is cooling down my little bottle of Codorniu wine – of course bubbles, it makes you happy, and this producer makes the only Cava that I like. I think that Cava in general is too rough and intrusive in style. It makes me burp, buuurp! But not Codorniu. That´s fine and quite elegant. 🙂


The Thief – unplugged. Not much to say, it is always nice on the roof when the sun is shining and the music is good. The staff is always very professional, so they make you feel important – even though you’re not. 🙂

IMG_5359 IMG_5368 IMG_5367

Bølgen og Moi, Tjuvholmen. Things are very much better now after they gave the outdoor a facelift. It`s much more appealing and pleasant to sit out now than before. I ordered mussels, yes, I was a bit shocked myself, and the first batch we had to send out, it was dry and cold, but the waiter took it with a big smile and came back with a lovely bucket filled up with a lot, and I mean A LOT of delicious mussels. A very professional and proper place to go. 🙂


Hans-Jacob and I – in love with life and each other:-)

IMG_5366 IMG_5365

And of course Frognerparken in the afternoon is lovely, to sit in the park and drink some wine and eat some dry bread or something better “to go”, and just enjoy it all. Or if you don´t have a blanket – go to the restaurant there and enjoy the the good and relaxed atmosphere – you will love it. 🙂


At last we have to recommend one of our favorite places, namely Village Tandoori, at Bygdøy Allè 65. Here you will find really super food and great personal service. This is our second home – here we are really often to have dinner and it’s almost a little embarrassing:-) But we have never been disappointed at this restaurant, ever. Here we kiss, hugs and enjoy ourselves, just like home – but the food is much better! This is definitely a winner all year around. 🙂


Ohhh, and I am not done yet, I forgot – you have to go and enjoy Osteklokken in Frogner. Here Hans-Jacob and I have breakfast, a lot of breakfast. The favorite is the ham and cheese omelette… and we are probably here to often too, but we can´t help it. It is our breakfastplace, and we love to sit outside in the morning, read the newspapers and having a nice cup of coffee before we do anything else… love to love it:-)

ostThat´s all for now, folks – Oslo is enjoyable when the weather is goooood. So enjoy life. 🙂

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Have a wonderful day:-)


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