Grusomme Kina

Jeg blir så trist, oppgitt og lei meg når jeg ser slike ting som dette. At vi mennesker, at hele kulturer kan være så barbariske – er langt utenfor min fatteevne.

Her er videoen som nylig ble lagt ut – jeg advarer mot sterke scener.

TONY ZADEL: A terrified bull is tied up onto a pole, surrounded by evil people in euphoria who are shouting and laughing with joy and beating, turn by turn, the poor bull with a machete, hammer and later they half – lynch the bull with a sword in front of a public crowd, that includes children, and are taking photos. Finally, the poor bull succumbs to death.. 

A long and painful death! WHY? This is the looming question, for which there is no SINGLE EXCUSE to approve of this barbaric-sadistic behavior!

Anyone who could commit and like this horrific, sadistic torture of innocent animals deserves the same done to them. This is from a country of insanity, where torturing and killing animals who can’t fight back is the norm. There is something seriously wrong with China! 

The horrific and malicious cruelty inflicted on these animals is barbaric and causes agonizing pain, and a slow drawn out death. A civil society cannot be based on this malfunctioning ill mentality! May God wipe all these kind of evil sickos from the Earth.

Tony Zadel~~ (i will never close my eyes and shut my mouth to condemn this kind of barbarism)

Jeg støtter Zadel fullt ut – Kina er barbarisk, og opplever det som frustrerende å ikke være i stand til å gjøre noe. Her er forøvrig en annen artikkel: Syke, syke Kina, som omhandler levende krypdyr plastposer brukt som smykker.

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