We all have different starting points, and the terrible wickedness and greed of mankind expose others to slavery, abuse, and destruction. But we who are lucky, who can explore our higher consciousness, should try to follow it to develop our self-awareness and human understanding, as well as spread love and generosity.

I have written a lot about this, about taking control of our own life, and not blaming others for our feelings and status, about stepping into the middle of the center (ourselves) to find our own joy and by that embrace life as the gift it is, this instead of chasing after happiness that we often believe lies in things and money.

I have written about loving ourselves, forgiving ourselves for all the stupid thing we say and do – we are only humans, and I have written about sharing joy, and about using the sun in our hearts to warm others that need sun and light in their life, instead of being a cold shadow in others life. All this I have written in my books and several articles for years – but it´s all being said very much better in this video made by Shiba Prasad Chaulagain​.

Thanks for sharing and the reminder, Shiba!

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Trude Helén Hole 

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And please do remember; live by love and joy, then the world becomes a better place to be for all of us. 

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