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The Mauritian Sun is very Sociable!

«The Mauritian Sun is very Sociable», said Kamlesh and smiled his beautiful smile while serving us delicious sparkling wine from Nederburg in the Bayview Bar, Le Méridien, where we were enjoying the gorgeous views of the sunset over the Indian Ocean. And Kamlesh is exactly right – the Mauritian sun is very sociable 🙂

Even when it rains on Mauritius, you feel like the sun is there with you. The sun is simply in the air and in the people! And believe me, it can rain hard on Mauritius in February and March, but it does not last long and it feels delicious liberating from the blazing sun that you know will come out to bless you every moment. I just loved it, and I think I will move to Mauritius in a couple of years from now. That´s just how it is!

The sun is love – Mauritius is the place to go with the one you love.

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