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Bipolar disorder is a gift, not a curse – watch this movie

Filmmaker Paul Dalio is Gifted With Bipolar Disorder – he considers bipolar disorder more of a blessing than a curse and have made a movie about it, trying to get people to understand what it means to be bipolar, and how to pull this into a better direction than hospitalization and medication. You can listen to him telling about this right here:

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Now, I want you to remember this: People are not perfect – perfect is fucking boring. We all have struggles, some more than others. Keep in mind that emotions are a tremendous force – without emotions we are nothing.

The thing is – you can channel your emotions to become a creative power.

Many artists, performers and writers have a large room with emotions they dive down in, to create great works – I am, for example, highly sensitive and I must sometimes protect me from the outside world, because the negative energy consumes too much on me. But believe me, as an author when I write – I use all that emotions to write with blood and tears, as in the book I’m writing right now. It is not beautiful – it is more than beautiful.

Also keep in mind that over 38% of Pulitzer Prize-winning poets were bipolar.

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Here is Touched With Fire Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Katie Holmes Movie HD.

This is not an attempt to glamorize being bipolar, it is an attempt to motivate you and people around to see the positive within the negative, by focusing on changing the destructive forces to become a creative and positive force. It is possible – if we all pull in the same direction. I have not seen the movie made by Paul Dalio – but I sure will.

Wish you all a creative day – and remember: perfect is fucking boring!

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Trude Helén Hole

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