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What a tragic human history this is

We have long observed that Miley Cyrus does not trust in her voice and her performances, and perhaps rightly so, and that she therefore compensates with nudity and ridiculous gestures on the scene that perhaps is meant to trigger us, but who does the opposite!


Now she slams again loud and vulgar!

This outfit is not sexy, nor funny, despite the fact that she looks like a stupid clown. So what the hell is she thinking? Does she not know that most of her followers are little girls? This is so sad, both for the music industry and for women’s movement.

I’m wondering is if she does this of her own free will – or if she’s a product of cynical back men who rubs their hands. Whatever the reason, I feel sorry for her, Miley Curys is a sad history.

Trude Helén Hole

ISkjermbilde 2015-11-23 kl. 14.35.18

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