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America is NOT the greatest country in the world

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And the greatest country in the world is not Norway either! It’s been a while since I saw this clip, but I came across it again today, Jeff Daniels’ viral anti-America Newsroom scene – and it is so spot on and important that I want to share it with you. So listen carefully to what is being said – I can draw parallels to Norway because many people think Norway is such a wonderful piece of land – and it is in many ways, one of the best countries to live in. But things have changed.

Norwegian press is controlled by traffickers and large companies, and are unfortunately looking for simple clicks, and by this it has lost it´s independent role and original function – which is to inform the population.

Our freedom is increasingly threatened by the government and we have a lot of skeletons in the closet with dubious politicians as in many other countries, a food safety authorities and a pharmaceutical industry which is characterized by naivete, and paid by manufacturers, not to speak of a judiciary that after what emerges of issues via social media, seems to be permeated by cronyism and corruption.

So freedom? Well, when authorities lies about the poison in the food we eat, turn up the prices of food so that some people can not afford to buy it, when the authorities won´t allow farmers to operate acceptably, organic and natural or sell their own products from own farms, when the government allows a GMO threat that will destroy agricultural be hanging over us – instead of protecting us against it…

When you can not have confidence in authority representatives because they “fixes everything” with heavy medication leading to increased suicide especially among young people…

Yes, for those who do not know it – suicide is the biggest health threat among children and young people in Norway according to NHI.

When the authorities are taking from the sick, poor and old and give to those who do not need it. When elderly at retirement home is not being aired, changed or showered. When elderly at retirement home dies of nutrition deficiency and thirst…

When we at the same time tell the entire world that we are good at caring and health protection.

When the government puts forward proposals for a compulsory vaccination of the population and criminalize people who buy vital vitamins online…

While we ceaselessly conveys that we are number one in the world on democracy, equality and “freedom to choose” for ourselves.

When our government sells weapons to terror regimes (Norway earns annually over 2 billion on sale of conventional weapons) and invests in companies that cut down rainforrests and destroy the environment. When the same authorities don´t tell us about this – but rather on how much they spend on “saving the world” which is only a small fraction of what is spent on destroying the same world…

When Norwegian authorities in a country who have all prerequisite for developing alternative, sustainable and renewable energy – don´t, because it is not yet profitable enough when it comes to money…

While we at the same time tells the whole world that we are a leading environmental nation.

When authority is not doing anything to prevent girls in Norway being circumcised on norwegian kitchen tables and also cuts down on offer to help them…

When the government cuts out practical subjects in schools, cuts down on the hub of activity and gymnastics – with the result that children who fall outside increasingly are diagnosed with ADHD, many mistakenly, and makes them dependent on strong and dangerous medication, other children are defined as loosers…

When Norwegian authorities split families apart and sends out children who have lived here for over 7 years, fully integrated – back to a country in ruins. When police forcibly retrieve these families at midnight or at noon during school hours, tearing children away from desperate teachers and classmates and put them on a plane back to a country in unrest, a country they barely have knowledge in – they experienced that this is not freedom, this is inhuman infringement conducted by Norwegian authorities.

The same applies to our “child protection” where employees destroys families due to incompetence and abuse of power, “selling children” to acquaintances and sending armed police forces to hospital to retrieve a three-day-old infant from the arms of a mother

This is Norway today – while children who are abused in the porn industry is being abandoned due to lack of police resources.

All this while telling the world that we are best at education and adolescence, and that human dignity and child welfare is important in Norway.

Well, the whole thing is a lie. We are not an environmental nation, and we don´t put human rights particularly high either. Rather, we are a greedy and self-centered nation with authorities who put money ahead of human dignity. We are a nation that destroys more of the world than we “fix”. We invests in war and destruction for others – in pursuit of more money and welfare. We are a nation that like the United States, have a self-adulation government and a nation run by a nice mix of cynicism, ignorance and arrogance, that think that we are better than others. We are not!

Well, back to the Jeff Daniels’ viral anti-America Newsroom scene and Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world. You can watch it right here, it is a great scene – and it is not all about America, but about you and me as well.

Trude Helén Hole

Freedom comes in many colors and shades. Not everyone experiences the same.

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