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I am a Norwegian author, journalist, artist, sommelier, speaker and MODEL from Norway. I am also a formerly finalist in The Face of the Year and Miss Universe. As an actor, I have played in several movies and TV shows and in addition I have also been a presenter in several TV productions including Norway’s first TV series about wine which I produced and directed myself.

I prefer to have the overall responsibility regarding the creative expression, but of course in line with your wishes. Perfect, boring and artificial over-retouched images is NOT my style. I enjoy contrasts and a slightly tough style with wind in my hair and modest make-up on my face – in short; I prefer natural photographs where a lived life is visible and age and experience are valued. But of course, if you want it different and pay well enough – anything is possible.

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Shortly about me

I am a Norwegian artistauthorjournalistsommelier and photographer with my own media agency New Spirit Communication. I consider myself as a child of Mother Nature and also a traveller that have experienced a lot of beautiful places all over our amazing world. With that, I have written articles for several magazines for several years, both in English and Norwegian. You can read about my travels here and my books and art right here.

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Trude Helén Hole, New Spirit Communication

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And please do remember; live by love and joy, then the world becomes a better place to be for all of us. 

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