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Time to SKIP Heineken!

Heineken is a very unethical beer producer! Of all the stupid people, or politicians – the people running Heineken is one of the most stupid and unethical ever, that makes a video with a lot of old people, mainly those who dies of sickness and old age (that´s natures law) and the deadly vaccine – and at the bottom line writes;

The future belongs to the vaccinated! Join them!

This this is a grotesque advertisement for a deadly, urgently developed vaccine that we have no idea the consequences of – and that for a virus that most people by now – know is to be regarded as a common cold and / or annual flu.

Not only that, most people by now – also knows that the vaccine is dangerous, it makes people sick and killes people.

In Denmark, the health authorities have admitted that more than twice as many people have died from the vaccine as from covid-19. Do your own research if you doubt it.

People all over the world are now waking up and realizing that they have been tricked by the power-people owning the vaccine industry and also controls or has bought our cowardly, stupid politicians – and of course, also own and controls the SOME and the mainstream media.

To take away (steal) our normal rights – and then force us to take a deadly vaccine to get our rights back to live as normal – is warfare against the entire world population!

Everyone understands this – with the exception of the stupid people running Heineken and Choice Hotels. I will boycott everything that advertises for a deadly products and / or is trying to steal our freedom and force us into a grotesque dictatorship under the cover of “health”. This has nothing to do with health – it has everything to do with control and to make people obey!

We wan´t or freedom back – without the deadly vaccine!

No more Heineken – ever – for me!


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