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Can we agree that ALL lives matter? Thanks!

I’m quite tired of the discrimination that goes in ALL directions. Can we agree that ALL lives matter? Thanks – cause this is going to far. And when it´s going to far one way or the other, it creates and promotes differences rather than being an unifying force. This in turn creates anger and frustration. Is that what we really wan´t? If we keep following this recipe, there will be no progress, on the contrary.


As a result of this campaign, we see dark-skinned people attack white-skinned people who are humiliated and have to apologize for being white. In Norway, we have gangs that attack, humiliate and beat up single Norwegian youngsters and children – simply because they are just that – ethnic Norwegian children – and media and politicians don´t give a fuck!

To constantly promote one group over others has never been constructive the way I see it. We are ONE race – the HUMAN race. It´s time to state that ALL lives matters! <3


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