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My name is Trude Helén Hole. I am a experienced Norwegian author, travel journalist, sommelier, model and one of Norway’s best bloggers according to Norwegian press – not my words, but of course I do agree! 🙂

I have been writing about adventures and travels, both in English and Norwegian for several magazines since 2003.

If you want to market cruises, flights, trips, hotels and experiences on my popular blog – please feel free to contact me;

Some collaborative partners; Qatar Airways, Star Tour/TUI, SeaDream Yacht Club, Hotel Oleana, Hurtigruten, Lysebu Hotel, The Thief, Domaine Laroche, SAS, Kragerø Resort, Holmsbu Hotel & Spa, Hotel Active, Fine Line Yachting, Geilo Vestlia Resort, Havnekontoret Bergen, Magdalena Grand Beach Resort.

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