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Really USA? A prick for President?

I am really worried when a middle-aged man, who has not overcome poop and fart and… here it comes: menstruation and stuff like that, can become president of the United States. This could never ever happen in another country – period! I really believed that the minimum requirement to be president of the United States was to be at least four years – but no, I was wrong.


With permission to publish – this is Illma Gores latest painting «Make America Great Again». She is a great artist , you will find her work here. «Because no matter what is in your pants, you can still be a big prick», she writes – and I totally agree!

It is pretty obvious that this man fear women big time, and I truly believe that this is due to large inferiority complexes. The fact that women are voting on a man that openly spit in their faces, is literally strange to me.

This man plays to win by spreading fear. Instead of proposing constructive solutions for the future of the United States – he finds scapegoats, and that is everyone who finds themselves below his belt. He straightens his finger and blames all other people around the world for USA`s problems, instead of conjuring people to take responsibility for their lives and for their own country. And because this is so easy to do – we are all simple, stupid humans – he gets stupid people who are unable to think for themselves, on his team. Unfortunately,  there are a lot of stupid people, evidently, in the USA!

That fact that a man, so simple, so stupid, so cynical and irreverent, so clearly narcissistic with psychopathic tendencies, and so incredibly nasty mouthed is able to attract followers – is quite incomprehensible!

We need love – note hate! The bottom line is that I get really scared when a man who calls for hatred, war and destruction, killings and suffering gains massive support, when what the world needs to survive – is love.

 War and hatred has never been the solution – and never will be! 

The USA has usually received al lot of respect from the rest of the world, this is, to be honest, very undeserved. With Donald Trump, a man full of bitterness, hatred and destructive opinions, the United States will pretty sure get the respect the country deserves. Zero. I truly hope that Trump will change his attitude and his behavior if he becomes The President of the USA.

Trude Helén Hole, New Spirit Communication

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