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Croatia, Korcula – simply a wonderful place to visit

And I’m not exaggerating. Seychelles which we visited earlier this year that you can read about here, was absolutely fantastic, but Korcula is in my opinion better and suits people of all ages and life situations. Probably because you will find a old history and culture here, and there is a lot nice things to do – and nothing surpasses this when it merged with beautiful scenery, sunshine and warmth, good food and good people, not to mention delicious healthful sea to swim in all day (and night 🙂 and of course without clothes when opportunities present themselves as they do in Korcula. Juhuuu!! 😉


What´s said about Korcula: The greenest, most independent and most interesting of Croatia’s 1,000 or so islands, Korcula was a favorite Greek holiday spot over 2,000 years ago. Very much a law unto itself – as you might expect from a community that resisted the sieges of centuries – Korcula town is a mini-fortress enclosed with honey-coloured stone walls that contain hidden treasures, from icons to Tiepolos, as well as architectural delights in every narrow, cobbled street. The Observer, Sept 2003. Read more here🙂

Don´t pay the Ferryman, sings Chris De Burgh, and I simply love this song, but please do so, because in Croatia you travel best by boat, and there is a lot of taxi boats to take you everywhere. At the picture below, we are on our way to the island of Korcula. 

IMG_5656IMG_5740But first of all – get a nice place to stay. Hotel Korsal is our favorite hotel, and by the way – stay away from Hotel Korkyra at Vela Luka – it sucks big time, don´t go there!

IMG_5725Above is my ex and the clever manager Dejan Kapac. We also felt in love with Nino, the charming butler that is also a very goodhearted man. And of course Woody on the picture above together with me. Both inspired me so much – the entire staff is unique, so when I’m done with the two books I’m writing now, I will write a new novel titled The Receptionist, or the The Butler, or both, inspired by Woody and Nino:-)

You can read my full review on the hotel here. And remember, beautiful things can´t compare to beautiful people!

IMG_5766 IMG_5650IMG_5640The pictures above is all from outside the Hotel Korsal – so you see, you do not need a swimming pool:-)

The pictures below is from the charming Old City Korcula.

IMG_5639 IMG_5617 IMG_5616IMG_5636IMG_5633 IMG_5635 IMG_5634IMG_5632IMG_5630Working girl, jupp, we often saw small business girls making money for themselves in the nice and warm evenings, a safe and constructive work, and most of all –  a nice addition to the street scene:-)

IMG_5905IMG_5628 IMG_5655

Lesic Dimitri, our favorite restaurant! You might also enjoy Maksimilijan Garden, five minutes walk by the sea from the Old Town, just by the monastery – go in the afternoon and enjoy the sunset, it´s magic:-)

IMG_5772IMG_5907 IMG_5769IMG_5672 IMG_5827 IMG_5674Sunset view from Maksimilijan Garden. I know – it is very romantic! And so is the rest of Korcula. At late evenings, the island is filled with music by local and very talented musicians. The energy is unique!

IMG_5898IMG_5676IMG_5743IMG_5744 IMG_5896IMG_5899 IMG_5900 IMG_5901 IMG_5904Down under: rent a car or take a boat to Pupnatska Luka, swim in the ocean with the dolphins, collect some stones and have a big burger and an ice cold beer at Konoba Mate. It is simply wonderful:-)

 IMG_5703IMG_5681IMG_5702 IMG_5705

I am also impressed by the outdoor saltwater pools on the island, both in Korcula town and Vela Luka – filled with activities like swimming and waterpoolo.



 Vela Luka below, not much to do, other than taking the Ferry out to the little island Proizd. And again, stay away from Hotel Korkyra.

IMG_5700IMG_5698IMG_5701 IMG_5697

Here we are at the pretty little island Proizd, with it´s crystal clear sea, flat cliffs and nice beaches, it is a real paradise for sun lovers and bathers:-)

IMG_5686 IMG_5689IMG_5695 IMG_5690 IMG_5692IMG_5727

Above, go naked and have a swim and enjoy the sun – it really is Art of Living! Trust me! The pictures under is back in Korcula Old City; time to do some work, do some writing at our favorite restaurant Lesic Dimitri that you can read about here. Yeah, I  know, life sucks some times:-)


And of course, you can´t work all the time – hire a boat or a kayak, and explore this wonderful place from the sea, you might go to the neighboring island and if you se some dolphins – just dive in:-).



That´s all for now, so yes, I fell in love with Korcula as I did with the Seychelles; the people, all cool, friendly and relaxed, the lovely food, the ambiance, the scenery and the wonderful temperature both day and night. Of course, vi visited Dubrovnik also, and it is also magic. You will find some pictures here🙂

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