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Rock & Roll with Launois Champagne

Do you want to harvest grapes by hand in Champagne at one of the area’s coolest vineyards with history back to 1872?


Then you should visit the vineyard Launois located on the prestigious Côte des Blancs, the home of the very best Chardonnay grapes. The vineyards are classified as “Grand Cru” – la crème de la crème. I just love to love it!

At first you will enjoy a nice champagne breakfast with old and new wine-loving friends, and then you will be driven out to the vineyard to pick the grapes by hand, and then drink some more champagne, and then get shut off by the boss himself, Mr. Séverine Launois, because you have forgotten one cluster of grapes or two, of course – it naturally never happened to me…, and then drink some more champagne, and then you lose a competition because you are not listening to what the boss says about the rules, you talk instead, of course – it naturally never happened to me…, and then you receive the punishment that is even more champagne, and then lunch at the castle, and so the day actually goes with a lot of fun!















More info about Champagne Launois can be found here. Several other articles about exciting destinations can be found here. Simply love to love it! 😉


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